Susie Clark photographic conservation tools



"The picture looks amazing, I cannot see the crack at all! Thank you so much for all your hard work, I am so pleased". M.B. 

Your photographs may be in an art collection, an archive, a museum or another type of organisation, or you may have a family photograph. As an ICON accredited conservator, you can have confidence in the professional care I will give your photographs. I have experience of working with all types of photograph on paper, glass, metal and film amongst others. I have also worked with photographs presented in frames, cases, albums, boxes and enclosures.

There are many types of treatment I can provide. The most common ones are:

  • Cleaning

  • Repair of tears and breaks

  • Consolidation of flaking emulsion

  • Removal of tapes

  • Stain reduction

  • Mould removal

  • Case and passe partout repair

  • Replacement of poor quality mounting or housing materials with conservation materials


However, if you are unsure whether I can help you, please do contact me and ask.


For one or two photographs, I can usually provide estimates after examining them in the studio. Sometimes a prior email with some clear images of the photograph can help to determine whether conservation treatment will be possible. For large numbers it may be necessary to carry out a site visit to prepare estimates. Occasionally I may need to make some enquiries or do tests first before I can confirm whether treatment is possible or suitable. I will advise you if this is necessary and if a conservation treatment is not practical or suitable for any reason I will always tell you. Any treatment will always be documented.


If your budget is limited and you have several items for possible treatment I will advise which items will benefit most, taking into consideration the type of photograph, its condition and likely rate of deterioration, its proposed use and the probable outcome of treatment.


I have considerable experience preparing reports containing estimates and priorities for conservation treatment for funding applications.